Fitting Shop: – Strip / Refurbishment / Rebuild

Our fitting shop can provide a complete strip and rebuild service backed up by various inspection and testing procedures for large or small assemblies. Our trained and qualified staff are skilled in the analysis, stripping down, detailed inspection of components, report construction, rebuild and testing of a wide range of mechanical assemblies and sub-assemblies from various customers.

Examples of assemblies which are reconditioned on site are:

  • Steel rolling mill assemblies
  • Roll assemblies
  • Crane bogie assemblies
  • Crusher assemblies
  • Drive shafts
  • Gearboxes
  • Hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders

We also provide a balancing service with our computerised dynamic balancing machine. This machine is capable of balancing many items such as drive shafts, rolls, fans, and shaft assemblies etc. The maximum diameter = 2 Metres and the Maximum Length = 3 Metres.

Our fitting shop also has the provision of a water flow/pressure testing facility. The workshop is supported by an extensive range of tooling along with a 500 Tonne Hydraulic Press. The workshop is serviced by two 10 Tonne Overhead Cranes.

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