Repair & reverse engineering

Within the Group, we have the facilities and staff to receive and repair Gear Units to a Maximum weight of 40 tonnes. On receipt, each unit is stripped and inspected and a full report is prepared indicating the extent of damage to the unit and the appropriate action and costs to return the Gear Unit to full operating condition.

On completion of the agreed repair, the gear unit is subjected to a specific no load test prior to returning to the customers site.
It should be noted that we have the facilities to carry out vibration analysis during the no load test.

Site Repair and Installation of Gears

Each site employs Service Engineers who can attend on site and carry out service repairs and installation of Gears and Gear Units.
When attending site our engineers can inspect and diagnose Gear Unit operational problems with the use of Condition monitoring.

In the event of the unit requiring major overhaul or repair we can arrange for the unit to be dismantled, inspected and a report prepared, Once the work content has been agreed, we will complete the repair including final assembly, alignment check, condition monitoring and site testing prior to the unit being returned to service.

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