Our Machine Shop

Our machine shop is fully equipped with the latest state of the art CNC Turning, Milling and Boring centres along with conventional machines. Our CNC machines are supported by SolidWorks / SolidCam programming and design packages. Our ranges of machining disciplines are as follows:

  • CNC Turning Centres – Max 1.2 Metre Diameter – 3.5 Metres Length
  • CNC Milling Centres – Max 1.8 Metre x 0.6 Metre
  • CNC Vertical Boring Mill – Max 1.5 Metre Diameter
  • CNC Elga Mill – Max 8 Metres bed x 2.5 Metres Height
  • CNC Horizontal Boring – Max 2 Metres x 2 Meters x 2 Meters
  • Manual Turning – Max 1.5 Metre Diameter – 5 Metre Length
  • Manual Milling – Max 1.8 Metre x 0.6 Metre
  • Manual Boring – Vertical and Horizontal – 1.6 Metre Diameter
  • Manual Slotting – 12” Stroke x 0.75 Diameter
  • Manual Cylindrical Grinding – 0.6 Metre Diameter x 3 Metre Length

All of our machines are capable of producing work to a very high standard and tolerance. All of the machined items are subject to inspection using our computerised CMM Inspection Machine prior to delivery.

The SolidCam/SolidWorks package provides an offline programming facility as well as the ability to be able to create and produce models and produce 3-D engineering drawings.

The Machine Shop is serviced by 25 Tonne overhead cranes.

You can download our full machine list here: Cardiff Capacity List and  Briton Ferry Capacity List.