Welding and Fabrication

We have three workshops dedicated to welding and fabrication. Our welding craftsmen are coded to categories A and B. We can provide MIG, stick and submerged-arc welding services, and are able to weld many materials including stainless steels, carbon steels, non-ferrous metals and dissimilar metals.

New to our welding department is the state of the art computer controlled multi surface welding machine. This machine is capable of welding two components, such as rolls, at the same time using two stations with oscillating welding heads.

  • The Minimum Diameter is 80mm
  • The Maximum Diameter is 500mm
  • The Maximum Length of 2 Stations is 2500mm
  • The Maximum Length of 1 Station is 5000mm

This machine is capable of resurfacing components such as mill rolls to provide a surface with a re-machined finish and required hardness/wear resistance.

Our welding department also offers a NDT testing service, backed up by certification and also has access to heat treatment facilities for stress relieving and hardening.

Large fabrications can be produced by our welding team as we have extensive floor space and overhead cranes to support this.

roll cladder