Project Background

Conoco Phillips Petroleum Teesside Facility is a crude oil reception, storage and trans-shipment installation. Operations comprise of both processing and tanker loading facilities and cover a 307-acre site.

The Brief

The customer was experiencing gear unit problems following overhaul by third party, we were asked to inspect the units and upon stripping found gear tooth failure, we were then asked to carry out full inspection and offer a proposal to overhaul and test the units replacing the gearing and bearings where applicable.

OEM manufacturing drawings would not be available, all new manufactured components where required to accurately interface with existing casing and equipment on site.

The Solution

Cyrus-RW engineers carried out detailed inspections of all the components and calculated operating and manufacturing tolerances prior to production, the main gear components which where worn and damaged in service where inspected and gear geometry calculated, Manufacturing drawings where produced and approved prior to manufacture.

The new parts where manufactured and assembled at Cyrus-RW workshops, final inspection of the gear unit on test was witnessed by engineers from Conoco before the unit was signed off prior to shipment and installation at site.


The package was installed and accurately interfaced with all equipment on site without need for adjustment and is fully operational.

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